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Agricultural Economics

Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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Course description

To gain information about the major indices and mechanisms of the agricultural economy, especially the animal breeding from the view of veterinarians

The subject is prerequisite for the Animal Health Economics, management and ethics

Lecturer: dr. László Ózsvári


Recommended literature
Subject matters given by the lecturers.
Tucker, I.: Economics for Today. Thomson-South-Western, 2005


Lectures theme

Agricultural Economics

II. Year, 2021/2022. Year/I. Semester


1. IX. 13. General introduction. Dr. László Ózsvári 2
2. IX. 20. Introducing the economic way of thinking. Resources Dr. László Ózsvári 2
3. IX. 27. Production possibilities, opportunity cost, economic growth Dr. László Ózsvári 2
4. X. 04. Agricultural market demand and supply Dr. László Ózsvári 2
5. X. 11. Agricultural markets in action. Consumer choice theory Dr. László Ózsvári 2
6. X. 18. Price elasticity of demand and supply Dr. László Ózsvári 2
7. X. 25. Agricultural yield and production costs Dr. László Ózsvári  
8. XI. 08. Farm budget and business analysis Dr. László Ózsvári 2
9. XI. 15. Main economic aspects of milk production and the beef sector Dr. László Ózsvári 2
10. XI. 22. Main economic aspects of forage crops and the swine sector Dr. László Ózsvári 2
11. XI. 29. Main economic aspects of the sheep and goat sector Dr. László Ózsvári 2
12. XII. 06. Main economic aspects of the poultry sector Dr. László Ózsvári 2
13. XII. 13. Main economic aspects of the aquaculture production Dr. László Ózsvári 2

Time of lectures: Monday 8.15-9.45

Place of lectures: ZLAMÁL lecture-hall

Exam: Written

Responsible lecturer: László Ózsvári


Budapest, 01. 09. 2021.                                                                           László Ózsvári

Assoc. prof., Head of dep.

Exam information

Written exam