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Education Courses Andrology and assisted reproduction

Andrology and assisted reproduction

optional B
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
4/ 5
Semester in the curriculum
8./ 10.
veterinary (English)
Allow for
  • Vet EN
  • Vet DE

Course description

The procedures included in the assisted reproduction techniques are used to aid the reproductive process of both humans and animals. The technical aspects of the assisted reproduction methods used in humans and animals (especially domestic animals and primates) are very similar, although of course there are substantial differences in the indication of assisted reproduction.
The main object of the course is to familiarize the students with the advances made in the new areas of reproductive biology in the past quarter-century, since it has undergone intensive development, and with the new reproductive techniques (assisted reproduction techniques).

Hungarian and foreign lecturers are invited.

The curriculum has been entirely processed in Power Point format. The files available, for each lecture, in the form of an outline contain all the essential information and elements of the curriculum. The material is updated every school year and, free of charge, it is made available to the students in its entirety on a CD in order to make the preparation for the exams easier.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Cseh Sándor