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Education Courses Animal health economics, management and ethics

Animal health economics, management and ethics

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semi-final examination
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Course description

Course leader: dr. László Ózsvári

-Microeconomics and the subject of animal health economics
-Economic decisions in animal health work
-Production function, types of cost and cost functions
-Methods to calculate the economic losses due to animal diseases. Partial budgeting
-Economic aspects of herd health management in pig herds
-Economic aspects of herd health management in cattle herds
-Cost-benefit analysis
-Decision analysis
-Farm budget
-The environment of veterinary business
-The basic elements and different strategies of
-The role and tasks of the Veterinary Chamber (chamber membership, license, regulations, laws and obligations)
-Legal aspects of veterinary practice (firms, contracts, responsibility)
-Marketing aspects of veterinary practice (pricing, promotion, place, etc.)
-Communication and conflict management in veterinary businesses
-How to start up a veterinary clinic (business plan)
-Financial aspects and evaluation of veterinary practices
-Accounting and taxation aspects of veterinary businesses
-The trade of animal drugs and pet food
-Ethical aspects of veterinary practice



Lectures theme


Year 2017/2018. II. semester

Date Topics Lecturer No. of hours
1. II. 5. (Monday) General introduction. Economic decision-making in animal health management Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
2. II. 12. (Monday) Production function, costs, cost functions Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
3. II. 19. (Monday) Partial budgeting Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
4. III. 26. (Monday) Cost-benefit analysis Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
5. III. 05. (Monday) Decision analysis Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
6. III. 12. (Monday) Farm budgets for livestock Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
7. III. 19. (Monday) Herd health economics of swine Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
8. III. 26. (Monday) SPRING BREAK
9. IV. 7. (Saturday) Herd health economics of cattle Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
10. IV. 9. (Monday) Vet practice management Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI
11. IV. 16. (Monday) Marketing management Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
12. IV. 21. (Saturday) Financial planning and pricing Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
13. IV. 23. (Monday) Practice valuation (buying-selling) Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
14. V. 7. (Monday) Business planning Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2
15. V. 14. (Monday) Investment decisions Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI 2

Place of lectures: Zlamál lecture-hall

Time of lectures: Monday 10,15-11,45

Exam: Written

Course leader: dr. László ÓZSVÁRI

Exam information

Examination: written examination