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Animal welfare

optional B
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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  • Vet EN

Course description


Wednesday, 12.00-14.15, Zlamál lecture hall

Responsible lecturer: Dr. Csintalan Csaba

Number of lectures: 15 lectures

Preliminaries of the signature: attendance of minimum 3×3 lectures
Examination: written examination

Short presentation of the subject: During the lectures the animal welfare norms on the keeping of farm and pet animals are presented in details. This up-to-date knowledge is essential for every veterinary practitioners working in any field of the profession.

Lectures theme

Date   Topics lecturer
3 October 3 Fields of animal welfare legislation, the role of the veterinarian Dr. Csintalan Csaba
10 October 3 Legislation on the protection of pet animals Dr. Csintalan Csaba
17 October 3 Legislation on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes Dr. Csintalan Csaba
24 October 3 Legislation on the protection of animals during transport Dr. Csintalan Csaba
31 October 3 Legal aspects of euthanasia of animals Dr. Csintalan Csaba
7 November Exam

Exam information

semi-final, written