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Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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  • Vet EN
  • Postgraduate

Course description

Responsible teacher: Dr. Bence Rácz

The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the structural organization of eukaryotic cells and of the development of mammalian and avian embryos.

The subject is divided into three parts in order to improve the bases obtained at high-school and generate new fields.
The first part is about the genetical code and its structure.
The second part is about the general anatomy of the cell.
In the third part, we introduce the development of the embryo until the formation of the body.


Lectures theme

Weekly schedule of lectures

1.   Introduction

Historical aspects. Biochemical foundations I.

  Dr. Katalin Halasy
2. Organization levels. Biochemical foundations II.
  Dr. Katalin Halasy
3. Biomembranes: structure, function, modifications.
Dr. Katalin Halasy
4. Cell organelles I.: nucleus, nucleolus, ER.
  Dr. Katalin Halasy
5. Cell organelles II.: Golgi complex, mitochondria
  Dr. Katalin Halasy,
6. Cell organelles III.: lysosomes, cytoskeleton
  Dr. Katalin Halasy,
7. Cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis
  Dr. Katalin Halasy
8. The gametes

The structure of the avian egg

  Dr. Bence Rácz
9. Cleavage, Gastrulation
  Dr. Bence Rácz
10. Sexual cycle, oestrus, fertilization

Pregnancy, determination of sex

  Dr. Bence Rácz
11. Differentiation of the  germinal disc,

Derivatives of the germinal layers

        Dr. Bence Rácz
12. Folding of the embryo,

Migration and implantation

  Dr. Bence Rácz
13. Development of the embryo
  Dr. Bence Rácz
14. Extraembrionic membranes, chorion
  Dr. Bence Rácz
15. Placenta types
  Dr. Bence Rácz

Practical lessons theme

There are no practicals in the frame of the subject of Biology.

Evaluation description

Written exam; MCQ test & identification of parts of schematic drawings focusing on basic cell biology and embryology discussed during the lectures.

Exam information

excellent: 85%


satisfactory: 65%

passing: 55%