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Education Courses Breeding and nutrition of fur bred animals

Breeding and nutrition of fur bred animals

optional B
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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Course description

General aims of the course:

Introduction of the specific breeding and nutritional parameters of the carnivore and herbivore fur bred animals. The main new scientific results will also be discussed.

Minimal previous course requirements: Not required.

Responsible lecturer: Mr. István HULLÁR assoc. professor

Lecturers involved: Mr. András BERSÉNYI assistant professor

Lectures theme

Week 1: Fundamentals of rabbit breeding and nutrition. – István Hullár assoc. prof.

Week 2: New aspects of feeding young breeding rabbits and does. – István Hullár assoc. prof.

Week 3: Rearing of offspring with two does. – István Hullár assoc. prof.

Week 4: New scientific results concerning the husbandry of rabbits. – István Hullár assoc. prof.

Week 5: New aspects for evaluation of crude fibre requirements of Rabbits. – István Hullár assoc. prof.

Week 6: Breeding and nutrition of ferrets, foxes, and minks. – Mr. András BERSÉNYI assistant professor

Week 7: Breeding and nutrition of chinchilla. – Mr. András BERSÉNYI assistant professor


Recommended: Own notes made on lectures + handouts.

Presence on all of the lectures is required.

Practical lessons theme

There is no practice.

Evaluation description



excellent: 90%

good: 80%

fair: 70%

pass: 60%

Exam information

1. Prerequisite of the exam: presence on all of the lectures.

2. Form of the exam: written test (single choice test).

3. Exam registration: via NEPTUN.