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Education Courses Clinical Hungarian 2 pre-intermediate

Clinical Hungarian 2 pre-intermediate

optional C
Method of evaluation
practical grade
Year in the curriculum
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Practical lessons
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  • Vet EN

Course description

Develop students’ communicative competence by extending and practicing the four language skills, with special emphasis on veterinary terminology and on understanding spoken language in accordance with the primary aim of the subject: to help students prepare for the field practice in the clinics.


The primary aim of the subject is to help students prepare for the field practice in the clinics. To provide them with the passive knowledge of a special vocabulary (words, phrases, sentence patterns) in order to be able to follow the conversation between vets and clients in Hungarian, and a certain active vocabulary, which they can use to respond to the situations. Pronunciation and reading Hungarian texts will be practiced. In addition, students are going to learn some basic social Hungarian as well.


ClinicalHungarian 1.pre-intermediate or Basic Hungarian3 (Students who join the course after having completed Basic3 will have to catch up with veterinary terminology taught in ClinHun1.pre-intermediate course)

Practical lessons theme

 week 1 Revision: vocabulary, grammar
week 2 Diseases/dogs; lehet, található, látható, juttathat; Start Project
week 3 Body parts, organs(heart, liver, intestines, skin); Vaccination Revision: ordinal numbers; Listening (Vet describing symptoms)
week 4 About the university/Mi? Milyen? Hol? Mennyi? Hányadik? Conversation in the clinic; End Project
week 5 Domestic animals/Farm animals/Pets; Short situations Start Project
week 6  Talking about place; Infection; Describing symptoms and signs; Listening (Vet describing a veterinary condition)
week 7 Possession (pronouns; have); van, volt, lesz; End Project (Presentations1)
week 8 Verbs (conjugation); akar, tud, szeret, kér (Kérem a …/Kérek egy); Presentations2
week 9 Word-formation; Start Project; Listening
week 10 Adjectives(comparative, superlative); Horses in the cold
week 11 Asking for/Giving opinion (Szerintem …); End Project
week 12 Summary/revision and practice for test
week 13 End term test
week 14

Evaluation description

Form of assessment:Written mid term and end term tests, oral presentation, written assignments

Type of grading:Practical grade