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Education Courses Human medical microbiology and infectology

Human medical microbiology and infectology

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Course description

Medical microbiology and infectiology

Subject lecturer: Dr. Lengyel György PhD

(Board certified microbiologist and pharmaceutical infectiologist)

Subject supervisor: Dr. Lőrincz Márta PhD (senior lecturer)

Time schedule: 14 x 45’


The field of medical microbiology and infectiology includes the management of laboratory diagnosis, patient care and the therapy of infectious diseases. In this course we are going to present the most common human infectious diseases, via case studies by the route of clinical differential diagnosis, supplemented with laboratory diagnosis (including sampling, transport, sample processing and result interpretation). On the written form (simple choice test) of the exam, important findings in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectiology will be considered.

Skills to be acquired on this course:

  • Critical, diagnosis-oriented thinking
  • Knowledge on the differential diagnostic algorithms
  • Recognition of symptoms and signs of the most common human pathogens and infections
  • Proper handling of samples, and insight into the laboratory processes


Requirements for admission:

  • Completion of the following courses: Veterinary bacteriology, Veterinary virology

Recommended for 4th year veterinary students.


Recommended literature:

  1. Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Microbiology

Lectures theme

  1. Blood stream infections
  2. Bacterial central nervous system infections
  3. Viral central and peripheral nervous system infections
  4. Viral hepatitis I (HAV, HEV)
  5. Viral hepatitis II. (HBV, HDV, HCV)
  6. Bacterial respiratory tract infections
  7. Viral respiratory tract infections
  8. Urinary tract infections
  9. Bacterial gastroenteritis
  10. Viral gastroenteritis
  11. Infectious diseases with lymphadenopathy
  12. Infectious diseases with skin symptoms
  13. Infectious diseases in patients with neutropenia
  14. Acquired Immunosuppression by retroviruses