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Laboratory diagnostics

Method of evaluation
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Course description

To provide general knowledge about laboratory methods, and parameter specific knowledge: when a parameter should be requested, what lab method is used to determine the given parameter, what is the normal reference range, what conditions cause abnormal results.

Lectures theme

Practical lessons theme

Weekly schedule of practicals – order of practicals is not final (each year precise program can be found on the website among documents)
1.      Isovolaemia, osoosmosis: PCV, ion concentrations
2.     Isohydria: acid-base balance, gasometry
3.     Haemostasis tests
4.     Examinations on metabolic disorders
5.     Evaluation of red blood cells
6.     Evaluation of inflammation and white blood cells
7.     Examination of the body cavity fluids and the cerebrospinal fluid
8.    Examination of the intestinal function and the exocrine panceras
9.     Examination of ruminal fluid
10.     Examination of the liver 1.
11.     Examination of the liver 2.
12.     Examination of the kidney function
13.     Urinalysis
14.     Examination of endocrine disorders
15.     Retakes of practicals

Evaluation description

Prerequisite for exam: attendance on the practicals (max. 4 justified absences all of which must be retaken), positive result on both midterms (these are written tests), submission of all essays (when entrance question is failed at the beginning of the practical)

Grading scheme:
excellent: 91-100%; good: 81-90%; satisfactory: 66-80%; passing: 51-65%; failed: 0-50%
–    To the practicals students must come prepared from the material of the given day. Oral or written questioning is held on each practical.
–    It is not possible to change the date of the midterms.
–   All other important info (e.g. retakes, materials) can be found in the general info for laboratory diagnostics on the faculties website and will be distributed through the year representative.

Exam information

Type of exam: 90 test questions (MCQ, one or multiple answers plus write-in senteces) should be answered within 90 minutes. The exam should be done at the area of the campus, on a computer.