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Medical Latin

optional C
Method of evaluation
Semester in the curriculum
Practical lessons
veterinary (English)
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  • Vet EN

Course description

The course is to introduce students to the basics of Latin grammar and medical Latin vocabulary aiming at developing a more conscious linguistic skill and attitude to both medical Latin and medical English.

Practical lessons theme

week 1 introduction, short historical overview, the main features of the medical terminology;
anatomical planes and directional terms
week 2 nouns: gender, number, case;
inflection -> declension;
the cases of Latin nominals;
week 3 vocabulary: body parts;
the dictionary form of nouns;
the 5 declension classes of Latin;
How to decline nouns?
week 4 the complete declension chart;
the neuter rule,
declension II. / ‘-er’ nouns,
a brief overview of declension III. and its subgroups and suffixes
week 5 gender/declension specific noun-endings and related vocabulary;
week 6 the possessive structure
week 7 adjectives: types, dictionary form, declension stem
week 8 midterm test;
adjective-formation, complex adjectives;
the attributive structure
week 9 declining adjectival phrases
week 10 the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives;
week 11 other grammatical constructions in anatomy:
the appositional structure;
vocabulary: the muscles
week 12 numerals;
week 13 revision, practice, q&a, end-term test

Evaluation description

Form of assessment:The final marks is determined based on:20%Y vocabulary tests(2-3 tests per semester),40% midterm test(with a min. of 60%),40% end-term test(with a min. of 60%)

Type of graduate:signature


course completion criteria:
regular attendance,
active class participation,
regular preparation for classes,
passing the tests