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Education Courses Medicinal plant knowledge

Medicinal plant knowledge

optional B
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
Semester in the curriculum
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  • Vet EN

Course description

The aim of Medicinal plant knowledge titled elective course is to show the most important medicinal plants and their main chemical components connecting with their curative powers. Furthermore, it is an introduction to the possible utilization facilities of these plants as an additional applications and helpful remedies.

Dr. Péli Evelin Ramóna ([Click to see email])

Obligatory literature:

  • Lecture notes.

Recommended literature:

  • Ben-Erik Van Wyk, Michael Wink: Medicinal Plants of the World. Timber Press.
  • Susan G., Wynn, Barbara J. Fougere: Veterinary herbal medicine. Mosby Elsevier.

Lectures theme

Week Topic
1. Introduction, utilization and history of medicinal plants
2. Basic terms, alternative medical systems
3. Drugs containing primary metabolites
4. Medicinal plants containing phenoloids
5. Medicinal plants containing flavonoids
6. Drugs containing polyketides. Introduction of terpenoids
7. Medicinal plants containing terpenoids and volatile oils
8. Medicinal plants containing terpenoid and iridoids
9. Terpenoids, saponins, cardiac glycosides and other triterpens
10. Medicinal plants containing azotoids and alkaloids
11. Application of medicinal plants, helpful home-remedies
12. Summary

Evaluation description

Students need to attend at least 7 lectures to accept the course. The course ends with final exam.

Exam information

Method of evaluation: final examination

Final test base on the lecture notes.

Grading scheme:

  • excellent: 86%
  • good: 76%
  • satisfactory: 66%
  • passing: 51%


Update: 2023.02.07.