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Education Courses Molecular tumorbiology

Molecular tumorbiology

optional B
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semi-final examination
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Course description

Lectures theme

Academic year 2022/2023, spring semester

Type of course: elective „B”

Data: Thursday, 17:15-18:45

Venue: online

Exam: online

Topics and schedules of the lectures:

Topic Lecturer
16 February Introduction. Tumors in general; the most important tumor types. Dr. Vajdovich Péter
23 February Mechanisms of the oncogenesis: regulatory pathways; proto-oncogenes, tumor supressor genes. Viral factors of the oncogenesis. Dr. Mátis Gábor
2 March Genetic and epigenetic factors of the oncogenesis. Dr. Mackei Máté
9 March Environmental factors of the oncogenesis. Cancer immunology. Dr. Neogrády Zsuzsanna
16 March Molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and spreading. Dr. Mackei Máté
23 March Molecular basics of anti-tumor therapies I.: chemotherapy. Dr. Vajdovich Péter
30 March Molecular basics of anti-tumor therapies II.: radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapies, novel therapeutical approaches. Dr. Márton Rege Anna
13 April Exam (online)  

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