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Physiology of the nervous system

Education Courses Physiology of the nervous system
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semi-final examination
veterinary (English)
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Course description

Description, learning outcome

The elective course is a direct continuation of the neurophysiology lectures. Understanding the nervous system is a basic requirement for future scientists in every field of medical, veterinary or bioscience and knowledge of the disorders of the nervous system can be useful in veterinary practice.

Our lectures will start with a summary of the physiology lectures followed by an introduction of the research methods used in neuroscience. Cellular composition, deep parts of the brain and cortical functions will be discussed after the introductory lectures and the whole course will be finished with a discussion about the higher brain functions and diseases of the brain. Different topics will be presented during a 2*45 minutes long seminar lecture for max. 30 students.

Students who are interested in the neurophysiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system are encouraged to register. Keep in mind that we expect that you already have a strong grip on the physiology of the nervous system from regular physiology lectures, so this elective picks up where the regular physiology has finished.

The course will end with a written exam that may include questions that was taught in physiology 2.

Detailed schedule

  • Week 1: Introduction to neurophysiology, summary of the physiology lectures
  • Week 2: Research methods in neurophysiology
  • Week 3: Nervous system on a cellular level, physiology of glial cells
  • Week 4: Deep, subcortical functions of the brain
  • Week 5: Higher, cortical functions of the brain
  • Week 6: Learning and memory
  • Week 7: Diseases of the nervous system


Written examination; marks from 1 to 5.

  • 0-50 %            1
  • 51-60 %          2
  • 61-70 %          3
  • 71-80 %          4
  • 81-100 %        5

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