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Physiology of learning

Education Courses Physiology of learning
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veterinary (English)
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Course description

The course is designed for vet students of the 2nd year.

This course details some interesting aspects of the physiology and anatomy of central nervous system regarding learning related structures and mechanisms. Topics are covered from macroscopic phenomena to the subcellular levels of learning. The course is designed to spread the knowledge using different accepted teaching methods (lecture, plenary lectures, small group learning, home group learning, self-directed online learning) in order to reveal basic differences in teaching and learning processes. One of the main goal of this course is to help student in understanding teaching and learning and to show them new aspects of learning veterinary knowledge.

Throughout the year, at least two open discussions (forums) are held, at which the advantages and disadvantages of the most common teaching methods are discussed with an interactive participation of the students.

Due to the special design of the course, active participation is necessary in order to sit for the written exam at the end.


Prerequisites: Physiology I.
Lecturer: dr. István Tóth
  • Introduction, definitions; Atomy and histology of learning; Conditional reflexes and operant learning; Mechanism of learning
  • Types and duration of learning; Subcellular and molecular changes during learning
  • Emotions and motivation; sleeping, metacognition
  • Learning styles; „formative and summative” assessment
  • Extramural activities
Examination: written exam
Grading: Marks from 1 to 5

For more details please visit the e-learning site of the course (