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Education Courses Reproduction & Biotechnology 1.

Reproduction & Biotechnology 1.

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practical grade
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veterinary (English)
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Course description

The subject starts with definition of reproduction including its importance in the animal breeding and husbandry. After defining the basic terms like oestrous cycle, heat, follicular and luteal phase, ovulation, and different stages of the cycle including their clinical symptoms and hormonal background. Later it introduces the central regulation of reproduction starting from the hypothalamus through the pituitary gland to the ovary. It is dealing with the seasonality, the puberty, follicular growth, ovulation, fertilization and early embryonic development followed by maternal recognition of the pregnancy. Finally introduces the pregnancy, parturition, involution and other post partum events. Some practical methods like oestrus synchronization, induction. The subject contains the reproductive physiological changings during ontogenesis with special regard on the cornerstones having significant role in pig breeding and production. Detailed information on prepuberal period, attainment of puberty, fertilization, pregnancy and farrowing. Underlining the specific multiparous features compared to unipara domestic animals as well as the marked interbreed differences. The lectures of the subject introduce the following areas of the reproduction of cattle and small ruminants: seasonality of reproduction, puberty, estrous cycle, neuroendocrine control of reproduction, pregnancy, parturition, estrous synchronization and induction, reproductive management.

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Evaluation description

If a student fulfill the requirements in connection with the lectures and write the mid-term tests successfully (≥60 %) the Department offers the grade of the midterm tests (mean) to practical grade. If a student does not accept this grade he or he has the opportunity to take a written exam containing all materials taught in this semester.