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Education Courses State Veterinary Medicine and Ethics 2.

State Veterinary Medicine and Ethics 2.

Method of evaluation
final exam
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veterinary (English)
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Course description

Subject responsibility: Dr. Csaba Csintalan

Presentation of the legislation relating to the veterinary profession, structure and duties of international veterinary organisations, the general preventive measures of notifiable infectious animal diseases


Lectures theme

State Veterinary Medicine

10th semester, 2024


Date Topics  
7 February Anthrax, Bovine tuberculosis, Bovine brucellosis Csaba Cintalan

dr. Csintalan Csaba

14 February Foot and mouth disease dr. Csintalan Csaba
21 February


Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

Notifiable equine diseases (African horse sickness; Glanders, Equine infectious anaemia)

dr. Csintalan Csaba
28 February


Notifiable rabbit diseases,

Notifiable bee diseases

dr. Csintalan Csaba
6 March


Notifiable poultry diseases (Newcastle disease, Avian influenza, Duck virus enteritis, Fowl typhoid, Salmonellosis) dr. Csintalan Csaba
13 March


Notifiable porcine diseases (Classical swine fever, African swine fever, Swine vesicular disease, Aujeszky-disease, Teschovirus encephalomyelitis) dr. Csintalan Csaba
20 March



Spongiform encephalopathies

dr. Csintalan Csaba
10 April



Bluetongue, Notifiable exotic diseases

Vesicular stomatitis

Sheep pox and goat pox, Lumpy skin disease

dr. Csintalan Csaba
17 April


Enzootic bovine leucosis, IBR,

Notifiable fish diseases

dr. Csintalan Csaba
24 April Summary, Minimum questions, Consultation, dr. Csintalan Csaba


Time of lectures: Wednesday 10.15-12.45

Place of lectures: Zlamál lecture-hall

Preliminaries of the signature: passing the mid-term examinations


Budapest, 31. 01. 2024


Dr. Csintalan Csaba

lecturer, responsible teacher