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Education Courses State Veterinary Medicine Practice

State Veterinary Medicine Practice

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State Veterinary Medicine Practice

From 01 of February 2018


General requirements:

  • Supervisor of the practice: District/Divisional Veterinary Officer
  • Duration of the practice: 2 weeks
  • Form of the report: practical report presenting the completed activities/tasks during the practice (1-2 page per activity/task, altogether cc. 10-15 pages); see the attached table in the Annex; preferably with pictures taken on the spot. Three official decisions about the order of state veterinary measures in disease control and one official record about the inspection of a holding or establishment shall be attached to the report. The exact place and duration of the completed activities shall also be given together with the obtained experiences, impressions. It is emphasised that the student shall not present the daily activities in the report but a short description about the completed activities numbered according to the attached list.
  • The first 3 (obligatory) activities in the list shall be completed by every students and 4 of the 7 other listed activities/tasks (chosen freely) as the minimum; it shall be certified by the supervisor/responsible official veterinarian, indicating the exact place and time
  • Language of the report: English
  • Certification of the practice: original copy with the supervisor’s stamp and official signature
  • Deadline for students spending the practice abroad of handing the printed report to the Department of Veterinary Forensics, Law and Economics, Dr Csaba Csintalan (Állatorvostudományi Egyetem Törvényszéki Állatorvostani, Jogi és Gazdaságtudományi Tanszék, Budapest, 1078 István utca 2. L. ép. 3.em): 14 days after the end of the practice (not through e-mail!)
  • Deadline for the students spending the practice in Hungary: the report shall be sent through e-mail to the Department (both to [Click to see email] and [Click to see email]) by 12.00 a.m. (noon) on Thursday of the last week and the original printed and officially signed copy shall be brought for the examination on Friday of the last week of the practice
  • None of identical reports will be accepted
  • The students shall sign for the given examination dates on the Neptun system
  • The student can take the state veterinary medicine practice examination from the subject only if he/she successfully completed the practice (deadline; official signature!) and the report is accepted.
  • Subjects of the written examination: practical questions relating to the completed activities

The acceptance and the final grade is based on the evaluation of the practice report (form and content) and the state veterinary medicine practice examination.


Budapest, 17.01.2018.


Activities to be completed during the State veterinary medicine practice


Undesigned, ……………………………………………………. as the supervisor of the practice certify that the vet student under my supervision fulfilled the assignments on the date of the signature.

Activity Place Date Signature
 1 Participation in control of transport of live animals: animal health and animal welfare norms (inspection of the vehicle and the live animals, administration)
 2 Participation in veterinary and animal welfare checks of an animal holding, official records
 3 Official veterinary administration (notification of animal disease, order of restrictions, state compensation, individual identification and registration of animals, certificates, dog registration etc.)
 4 Participation in the control of disposal of animal waste (collection, transport or means of disposal)
 5 Participation in the veterinary checks of selling animals, animal fairs, markets and exhibitions
 6 Participation in the checks of feedstuff producing or selling facility, checks of producing and using medicated feedstuffs
 7 Participation in the implementation and control of epidemic control measures (e.g. killing animals in disease control situation, official sample taking, disinfection, obligatory treatment, vaccination)
 8 Participation in the checks of keeping and selling pet animals (breeding stock or shop) or  the use of experimental animals (breeding or user establishment); animal health and animal welfare aspects
 9 Participation in the veterinary checks of a breeding male animal keeping facility or artificial insemination centre or poultry hatchery, fish hatchery, or queen bee nursery
 10 Participation in the checks of production, selling and use of veterinary medicinal products (producer, wholesaler or pharmacy); procurement and administration of products