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Education Students’ secretariat For 6th Year Students / 11th (practical) semester

For 6th Year Students / 11th (practical) semester

updated on 25/03/2020

General info sheet


Information on the 11th (practical) semester of the Academic Year 2020/2021:

2020_2021_11th practical semester program info


Insurance for the 11th semester (valid only for the geographical territory of Europe):

Cover note insurance 2019


Insurance_Special conditions for schools


Food Hygiene

Food hygiene requirements EN-2020


Herd medicine / Farm animal

Farm animal veterinary practical requirements general info

Practice beef cattle 2020_2021

Practice cattle 2020_2021

Practice pig 2020_2021

Practice poultry 2020_2021

Practice_fish_farming 2020_2021

Sheep_practicals 2020_2021


Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostic practical requirements


Equine medicine



Small animal medicine

Exotic, zoo and wild animal medicine – clinical card

Exotic, zoo and wild animal medicine – information

Small Animal Surgery requirements


Small-Animal-SURGERY (20/07/2020)

Small animal Internal-Med (20/07/2020)

State Veterinary Medicine

State Vet practice requirements


Downloads, tutorials

11th semester Certificate by supervisor

Letter of Acceptance

Neptun guide for the 11th semester (06/04/2020)

Video-guide on the Neptun-registration process (06/04/2020):