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Education Students’ secretariat For 6th Year Students / 11th (practical) semester

For 6th Year Students / 11th (practical) semester

updated on 14/08/2023


General info sheet for the academic year 2023/2024:


Information on the 11th (practical) semester of the Academic Year 2023/2024:

2023_2024_11th practical semester program info final


Insurance for the 11th semester (valid only for the geographical territory of Europe):

Cover note insurance 2023


Insurance_Special conditions for schools


Food Hygiene

Extramural Food Hygiene Training- Semester 11-EN-2023-2024


Herd medicine / Farm animal

General information of farm animal practical 2023-24

Practice beef cattle 2023-2024

Practice dairy cattle 2023-24

Practice pig 2023-24

Practice poultry 2023-24

Practice_fish_farming 2023-24

Sheep and goat practicals 2023-24


Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostic practical 20220301_tm


Equine medicine

Equine medicine 2023


Small animal medicine

Exotic, zoo and wild animal medicine clinical card

Exotic, zoo and wild animal medicine requirements

Small Animal Medicine Internal Medicine clinical card

Small Animal Medicine Internal Medicine requirements

Small Animal Medicine Obstetsics requirements

Small Animal Medicine Surgery requirements 


State Veterinary Medicine

State Vet Practice 2023


Downloads, tutorials

11th semester Certificate by supervisor 2023

Letter of Acceptance_11th semester 2023_2024

Neptun guide for the 11th semester

Video-guide on the Neptun-registration process (still valid from 06/04/2020 but for year 2021/22/1):