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Education Courses State Veterinary Medicine

State Veterinary Medicine

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State Veterinary Medicine – 9th semester, 2019/2020


Place of the lectures: Zlamál lecture hall

Time of the lectures: Friday, 10.15-12.00

Responsible lecturer: Dr. Csintalan Csaba

Number of lectures: 30 lectures

Preliminaries of the signature: attendance of the lectures, passing the mid-term examinations


Short presentation of the subject: During the lectures the animal health and welfare legislation relating to the veterinary profession and the general and specific preventive and control measures of infectious diseases are presented. This up-to-date knowledge is essential not only for official veterinarians but for every veterinary practitioners working in any field of the profession.

Lectures theme

Date Topics
13 September Main aims and objectives of the subject;

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

FAO, WHO, WTO, OECD, Council of Europe

20 September European Union (institutions, legislation)
27 September Fields of veterinary legislation, Structure and duties of state veterinary services

Veterinary checks and certifications, Veterinary medicinal products

 4 October Notification of animal diseases

Measures for the control of notifiable animal diseases

11 October Veterinary legislation on animal keeping
18 October Midterm examination I.

Animal welfare rules of the European Union

25 October Veterinary legislation on the transport of animals and animal products

Veterinary legislation on the killing of animals

8 November Disposal of carcasses and animal waste


15 November Animal fairs, markets and exhibitions

Identification and registration of animals

22 November Midterm examination II.

Control strategies against infectious diseases

29 November Veterinary laboratories; diagnostic tests
6 December Midterm examination retake

Veterinary public health

13 December Control of notifiable zoonotic diseases

Summary, Consultation, Minimum questions

Exam information

Preliminaries of the signature : attendance of the lectures, passing the mid-term examination