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Education Courses Veterinary comparative pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism

Veterinary comparative pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism

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Course description

The effect of drugs (good and bad) is basically determined by the disposition within the body, i.e. the extent of distribution in biological media and elimination from the biological spaces. From pharmacokinetic point of view, there is wide diversity in the case of some species. This may be important in the development of beneficial and harmful effects of drugs in different animal species. For food-producing species other important aspect is that the pharmacokinetic effects may alter the clearance of drugs from products with animal origin intended for human consumption. The subject is designed to provide advanced and detailed knowledge to the topic, thus promoting the practice more effective and side effect-free use of medicines, and encourage the production of residue-free food.

Lectures theme

Date  and time Topics

3 lecture hrs

Introduction, basic knowledge on pharmacokinetics and drug residues. The effects of genetics, age and health on the drug disposition in living organisms. Drug interactions. Statistical analysis on pharmacokinetics and drug elimination.

3 lecture hrs

Test methods prescribed for PK and drug residue examinations.

Testing methods of drug-metabolism (in vivo, in vitro).


4 lecture hrs

The role of dose form (guest lecturer)

Variations in pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism in different animal species.

Practical lessons theme

There are no practical in this course.

Evaluation description

Attendance at lectures is mandatory. However, the student can miss a lecture day (one session) if there is a reason to do so (e.g. illness, official program of the campus).

There is an online written examination at the end of course. The date will be determined after consultation with students. When retake of examination is necessary, the general education rules of the campus should be considered.

Exam information

Time will be determined later.