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Education Students’ secretariat Contact us – Office hours

Contact us – Office hours


University of Veterinary Medicine, Secretariat of International Study Programs

H-1400 Budapest, P.O.Box 2, Hungary

1078 Budapest, István u. 2. Building P. 1st floor, Room 1. (German Secretariat), Room 2. (English Secretariat)

Phone: (+36 1) 4784-106 (English Secretariat), (+36 1) 4784-117 (German Secretariat), or (+36 1) 4784-100 (central)
e-mail: student”at”


Deputy Rector for International Study Programs and International Relations

Mr Tibor, BARTHA, DVM, Ph.D., D.Sc., professor

Office: Department of Physiology and Biochemistry (Bldg. “C2”, 1st floor)
Office hours: by appointment
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-156
e-mail: Bartha.Tibor”at”


Secretariat of International Study Programs:

e-mail: student”at”

You are advised to contact the Student’s Secretariat at [Click to see email] (and not the personal email-addresses of our staff) at least during the holiday season, thus your email will reach us for sure. Please allow adequate time for your requests to be processed: in a straightforward case this may take a few days only.

Office hours (during the Academic Year):

Mon, Wed: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Thu: 9 – 11 a.m and 1 – 3 p.m;

Tue, Fri: closed


English classes

in the Academic year 2021/2022:


Students of the 1st curricular year


email: Fuchsz.Noemi”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 1
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8127 (extension)



on maternity leave (from 25th May 2020)


Students of the 3rd, 4th curricular year and inactive students

Mr Péter LESSI

(Head of the Students’ Secretariat of International Study Programs)

email: Lessi.Peter”at”, Bldg. P. 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-106, (+36 1)4784-100/8325 (extension)


Students of the 5th curricular year + Students’ well-being coordinator


email: Merey.Anna”at”, Bldg. P. 1st floor, Room 1
Phone: (+36 1)4784-100/8321 (extension)


Students of the 2nd curricular year + 11th (practical) semester + English Freshmen 2022/23

Ms Lili NAGY

email: Nagy.Lili”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8320 (extension)





Student cards:

Ms Annamária Scheller

email: Scheller.Annamaria”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8322 (extension)



German classes   


Mr Tamás MIKLÓS (1st year German program+ inactives + German Freshmen 2022/23)

email: Miklos.Tamas.Attila”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-117, (+36 1) 4784-100/8125 (extension)


Ms Annamária Scheller (2nd year German program)

email: Scheller.Annamaria”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8322 (extension)