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Education Students’ secretariat Contact us – Office hours

Contact us – Office hours


University of Veterinary Medicine, Secretariat of International Study Programs

H-1400 Budapest, P.O.Box 2, Hungary

1078 Budapest, István u. 2. Building P. 1st floor, Room 1. (German Secretariat), Room 2. (English Secretariat)

Phone: (+36 1) 4784-106 (English Secretariat), (+36 1) 4784-117 (German Secretariat), or (+36 1) 4784-100 (central)
e-mail: student”at”


Deputy Rector for International Study Programs and International Relations

Mr Tibor, BARTHA, DVM, Ph.D., D.Sc., professor

Office: Department of Physiology and Biochemistry (Bldg. “C2”, 1st floor)
Office hours: by appointment
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-156
e-mail: Bartha.Tibor”at”


Secretariat of International Study Programs:

e-mail: student”at”

You are advised to contact the Student’s Secretariat at [Click to see email] (and not the personal email-addresses of our staff) at least during the holiday season, thus your email will reach us for sure. Please allow adequate time for your requests to be processed: in a straightforward case this may take a few days only.

Office hours (during the Academic Year):

Mon, Wed: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Thu: 9 – 11 a.m and 1 – 3 p.m;

Tue, Fri: closed


English classes

in the Academic year 2022/2023:





on maternity leave (from 25th May 2020)


Students of the 4th – 5th curricular year + new applicants:

Mr Péter LESSI

(Head of the Students’ Secretariat of International Study Programs)

email: Lessi.Peter”at”, Bldg. P. 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-106, (+36 1)4784-100/8325 (extension)


Freshmen 2023/24, 11th semester:


email: Mamuzic.Marina”at”, Bldg. P. 1st floor, Room 1
Phone: (+36 1)4784-100/8321 (extension)


Students of the 2nd curricular year and 2 in 1 students, Students’ well-being coordinator:


email: Muranyi.Flora.Eszter”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 1
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8127 (extension)


Students of the 1st and 3rd curricular year + inactive students after the 2nd year:

Ms Tímea Natália SZILÁGYI

email: Szilagy.Timea.Natalia”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-100/8320 (extension)





Student cards:



German classes   


Mr Tamás MIKLÓS (1st year German program+ German Freshmen 2023/24)

email: Miklos.Tamas.Attila”at”, Bldg. P 1st floor, Room 2
Phone: (+36 1) 4784-117, (+36 1) 4784-100/8125 (extension)