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First Steps of Our Freshmen

Education Students’ secretariat First Steps of Our Freshmen

Presentation on the orientation:

Freshmen presentation 2021 ENG

Freshmen documents for September 2021 entry:

There are 3 documents to fill out, sign and send via email to [Click to see email] / submit to us in person at registration:

Registration form UVMB 2021_22

Educational agreement 2021_22

GIS_VETSTUDENT_Agreement 2021_22


extra information papers we provide for Freshmen especially:

Student Support Service information: Counseling Services info sheet

Student Support Service concerns on the covid-19 4th wave: COVID-19 brosh ENG_4th wave

‘Learning techniques & strategies in medical school’ – recommended freshmen elective course info Learning strategies course info

Veterinary Oath Freshmen 2021

Recommended book list for the first and second year subjects

School opening ceremony invitation card (10th Sept.2021, Friday)

Timetable fall 2021/22: 1st & 2nd year Timetable ENGLISH fall 2021_22

Elective (optional) course list fall 2021/22: (will be uploaded here)

Invitation Card for the Boat Trip on River Danube: (will be uploaded here)

Library visit and registration

Anatomy equine lessons on 13th September

Neptun guides for freshmen: What courses to sign up_fall term and Neptun enrollment and (subject) registration guide



Dear Freshers,

Welcome to the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest!

This newsletter is intended for those arriving in the academic year 2021/22. We are looking forward to seeing you at our campus and hope your next 5 and a half years will be unforgettable and full of new experiences.

In the following newsletter, we would like to give you some important information about things you need to do back at home, also in Hungary before we meet each other in Budapest



Things to do back home

  • Please arrange a basic medical insurance and/or ask for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you wish to purchase the medical insurance through the university, please visit our Student Support Services at UNIVET Budapest (LINK).
  • You can find a list of recommended textbooks above. You may purchase them at our bookstore in Building G. Their email address is: [Click to see email].
  • You will need two white lab-coats and you might find it more convenient to bring them along from home. You also have the chance to order these coats from student service organisations who will be present on your Orientation Day.
  • Please do memorize your registration number found on the top of the acceptance letter (Reg.No.: XXXX / E). You might be asked for it to identify yourself when submitting a paper. If not addressed by your name this student code number will be used for identification at the campus, e.g. when publishing results of mid-terms. Do not share it widely since you would probably prefer to keep it private.
  • Please do pack some light, but elegant dress for the ceremonial opening of the Academic Year (if you wish to attend). Dress code: elegant.

Orientation Day – 7th September 2021, at noon (12.00) Tuesday

The Orientation day will be held in person on 7th September. At the Orientation Day you will receive from us the followings:

  1. Your Students’ Guide – This booklet contains information like the timing of the Academic Year, the Exam Regulations, the Curriculum, the availability of Departments and teaching staff relevant for international students.
  2. Your weekly timetable, indicating both lectures and practical classes Monday – Friday according to study-groups.
  3. List of available Elective courses for the 1st year for the fall-term of 2021/22. Please note: 3 ECTS / term from electives is necessary (or collection of 30 ECTS in 10 semesters in general) prior to start the 11th semester!
  4. Your code to enter NEPTUN-system, used e.g. to apply for a student card, get registered for courses, exams, and check published exam-results.
  5. You will receive two copies of a document, certifying in English and Hungarian that you are a regular student at our school. One of these is for the Immigration Office as you apply for the (kind of) residence permit, the other one might be used e.g. back home for tax-purposes.
  6. Freshmen week and other free time programs, student support service


Student Well-being Program is managed by a program coordinator. She assists in the communication, documentation, and feedback process between the student and the University.

The program’s official platform is on the „Student Support Services at UNIVET Budapest” Site. Click on this page (LINKif you have any questions, related to your UVMB studies and life in Hungary. We are striving to provide you with useful information about your administrative duties, mental and educational aids, campus free time activities and useful links.

Other details coming soon!

We wish you a successful Academic Year!