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Research Research teams Applied Animal Nutrition Research Group

Applied Animal Nutrition Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Hullár István egyetemi docens

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Professor emeritus: Dr. József Szabó

Associate professors: Dr. Hullár István, Dr. Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi

Senior research fellow: Dr. Éva Cenkvári

Senior lecturer: Dr. András Bersényi

PhD-student: Dr. Nikoletta Hetényi, Dr. Kinga Joó, Dr. Zsófia Bohák

Department engineer: Emese Andrásofszky Emese, cert. chemical engineer

Agricultural engineer: Judit Krizsán, food analytical technician

Technician/Assistant: Éva Lozsádiné Szira, food analytical technician



Investigating the effect of natural feed supplements and plant extracts on poultry's production parameters and immune responsiveness, as well as on the performance of sport- and racehorses.

To investigate the pasure associated laminitis of horses. Other pasture and feed associated toxicoses and poisonings in horses.

Performance testing/analysis of sport- and racehorses, exploration of the causes of poor performance and exercise intolerane in horses.

Possible use of rabbit as a model animal in horse-digestive and various animal nutrition studies.

Test feeding of dogs and cat food, testing for preference, determination of digestibility of nutrients.

Prevention of metabolic bone disease in reptiles. Examinations of digestive physiology of ground turtles. Evaluation of vitamin and mineral supplements produced for reptiles, evaluation of pelleted nutrition. Definition of the nutritional value of arthropod based feed and its modifications with adding different feedstuffs.

Investigation of the biological effects of fulvic acid and humic acid with laboratory rats.

Study of the effects of different monosaccharides on production parameters, fat metabolism and immune responsiveness with laboratory rats.



Hungarian Association of food science and technology

World Rabbit Science Association, Hungarian Section

MTA Microelement Working Committee

Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners

Hungarian Laboratory Animal Science Association

Hungarian Association for Animal Protection and Animal Welfare

Society of Nutrition Physiology

Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations

College of Equine Internal Medicine

European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition



NÉBIH Food Safety Risk Assessment Directorate,

University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,

NÉBIH Food and Feed Safety Directorate,

NÉBIH, Veterinary Diagnostic Directorate,

NAIK Animal Husbandry, Feeding and Meat Research Institute,

ÁT Kft.,

Europharmavet Kft.,

Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH, Germany,

Veterinary University Vienna.



feed analysis

evaluation of certain digestive-physiology parameters and feed preferance tests in different animal species

modell-experiments on poultry fattening and egg production

evaluation of the antibacterial effect of feed additives

dietetic consultancy

diagnostics of feed related diseases

performance analysis in horses, diagnostics of diseases causing poor performance and exercise intolerance,



Funding source

Project title and topic

Amount (HUF)

Research Faculty

(Ministry of Human Capacities)

Correlation between the fructose content of pasture plants and the prevalence of laminitis in horses (2016)


Research Faculty

(Ministry of Human Capacities)

Evaluation of sedative effect of herbal, L-tryptophan and magnesium-containing supplemets with heart rate variability analysis and measurements of serum cortisol levels in horses (2016)


Research Faculty

(Ministry of Human Capacities)

The effect of artificial UV-B radiation and oral vitamin D3 supplementation on the vitamin D levels and major blood parameters of greek turtles and bearded agama (2014)





The effect of different food sources on the body composition of animals used for feeding for reptiles (2014)



Investigating nutritive content of repile feeds of plant origin. Investigating UV lamps for reptiles (2013)



Studies of digestive physiology of reptiles and nutritional values of commercially available reptile feeds (2012)



The most important blood parameters of greek turtles (Testudo hermanni). Nutrition and mineral content of different animal based feedstuffs (2011)



Changes in the growth rate and blood parameters of bearded agama (Pogona vitticeps) when using four different feed additives (2010)