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Research Research teams Food Microbiology Research Group

Food Microbiology Research Group


RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Miklós SÜTH, honorary associate professor

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1) Dr. Attila NAGY

2) Dr. Dóra TŐZSÉR

3) Dr. Bence BALÁZS




Food safety, food quality, food hygiene, safe consumption of food, food microbiology, quick/fast/rapid microbiological test methods.



1) Engelhardt, T.-Szakmár, K.-Kiskó, G.-Mohácsi-Farkas, Cs.-Reichart, O.: Combined effect of NaCl and low temperature on antilisterial bacteriocin production of Lactobacillus plantarum ST202Ch, LWT – Food Science and Technology, 2018. 89. 104-109.

2) Erdősi, O.-Szakmár, K.-Szili, Zs.-Szita, G.-Bernáth, S.-Sövényi, J.-LACZAY, P.: Rapid in-house detection method of Campylobacter spp. from food by redox potential monitoring combined with real-time PCR. Acta Vet. Hung., 2018. 66. 1-11.

3) Tóth, A. J,-Szakmár, K.-Dunay, A.-Illés, B. Cs.-Bittsánszky, A.: Hygiene assessments of school kitchens based on the microbiological status of served food. Acta Scientarium Polonorum Technologia Alimentaria

4) Darnay, L.-Miklós, G.-Lőrincz, A.-Szakmár, K.-Pásztor-Huszárd, K.-Laczay, P.: Possible inhibitory effect of microbial transglutaminase on the formation of biogenic amines during Trappist cheese ripening. Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A, 2022.

5) D. Tőzsér, K. Szakmár, R. Szima, O. Erdősi, Zs. Szili, P. Laczay: Presence of Campylobacter and Salmonella spp. in poultry and environmental samples from farm to retail in Hungary. Acta Alimentaria, Vol. 48 (4), pp. 488–494 (2019).



1) National Laboratory of Infectious Animal Diseases, Antimicrobial Resistance, Veterinary Public Health and Food Chain Safety

2) Healthy Environmental-Friendly And Resilient Farm To Fork (HE-FARM)