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Food Toxicology Research Group


RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. József Lehel, associate professor

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Dr. József Lehel, associate professor

Dr. Katalin Lányi, senior research fellow

Dr. Lívia Darnay, senior lecturer

Dr. Dániel Pleva, research fellow

Dr. Anna Buzás, PhD student

Georgina Rebeka Lucsányi, laboratory assistant

Emese Nagy, laboratory assistant

Mónika Szita, laboratory assistant

Flóra Téglás, laboratory assistant



Food security, Chemical and toxicological food safety;

Foreign chemical compounds in food;

Drug residues in edible tissues and primary food products of animal origin (milk, eggs, honey);

Fate of veterinary medicines in animals and in the environment;

Investigation of food components;

Examination of quality characteristics of foodstuffs of animal origin.



Society of Hungarian Toxicologists

European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

Hungarian Laboratory Science Association

Hungarian Chemical Society

Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Committee of Veterinary Science

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Working Committee of Environmental Chemistry

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Commission of Food Science



Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary

Food and Feed Safety Directorate of the National Food Chain Safety Office, Hungary

Vetsuisse Faculty in Zurich, Switzerland



Studies on foreign chemical compounds in food

Drug residue testing

Pharmacokinetic studies

Bioequivalence studies