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Gastroenterology Research Group


RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Ágnes Sterczer, associate professor

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Associate professor: Dr. Ágnes Sterczer

Associate research fellows: Dr. Kinga Pápa, Dr Roland Psader

Assistant: Ágnes Mózes


Development of the diagnostic tools and monitoring the efficiency of the different treatment strategies of the gastrointestinal diseases. The standard histopathological examination of the gastro-duodenal biopsy samples of the dog obtained by endoscopy as well as examine the presence and the relevance of Helicobacter-like organisms (GHLO) and circo virus in the biopsy samples of dogs with gastritis and gastric cancer. The detection of the GHLO was performed with histopathology, PCR and UBT (urea breath test) test and the circovirus by PCR.

 Examine the diagnostic and prognostic value of the C-reactive protein and thyroxin in comparable with other blood parameters in acute pancreatitis.

Different aspects of the endoscopically guided nasojejunal feeding tube in intestinal feeding.



Society of Comparative Hepatology

Klinikus Állatorvosok Egyesülete
Hungarian Small Animal Veterinary Association
World Small Animal Veterinary Association


Dr. Jakab Csaba, Dr. Balka Gyula, (Pathology Department)

Prof. Pap Ákos (Kaposi Mór Oktató Kórház)

Dr. Hegedűs György Tamás (Vet-Med Állatorvosi Diagnosztika Labor), Nagy Otília (Net Vet Kft Állatorvosi Rendelőintézet)



gastro-intestinal endoscopy, biopsy sampling
complex examination of the gallbladder function
complex examination of the pancreas

hepatological and gastroenterological examinations
development and application of nasojejunal feeding tubes


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Examination of the endoscopically obtained gastric biopsy samples by immunohistochemical and PCR methods for the detection of different claudins, as the possible markers and prognostic factors.




Detection of Helicobacter and circovirus from gastric biopsy samples by histopathology and PCR methods