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Research Research teams In Vitro Hepatology Research Group

In Vitro Hepatology Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Gábor Mátis, PhD, senior lecturer

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Associate professor: Dr. Zsuzsanna Neogrády, CSc

Senior lecturer: Dr. Gábor Mátis, PhD

Associate research fellow: Anna Kulcsár

Veterinarian: Dr. Patrícia Hatala

Demonstrator: Máté Mackei


The research group works mainly in establishing and developing primary hepatic cell culture models from various species (chicken, swine, rat). Beside hepatocyte mono-cultures, co-cultures composed of parenchymal and non-parenchymal liver cells (such as Kupffer cells) and further, partly in cooperation with other working groups, enterohepatic co-cultures are also prepared by our research team. In vitro investigations carried out on the established cell culture models are mostly related to the hepatic inflammatory response and the molecular alterations triggered by heat stress and mycotoxins, with special emphasis on the pro-inflammatory cytokine production and oxidative stress.



Hungarian Biochemical Society

World Poultry Science Association



Department of Animal Sciences, Georgikon Faculty, University of Pannonia (Keszthely, Hungary)

Institute of Animal Science, University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany)

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Austria)


Molecular biological and biochemical investigations on primary hepatic cell culture models (hepatocyte mono-culture, hepatocyte – Kupffer cell co culture)



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Research Faculty

(Ministry of Human Capacities)

Interaction of mycotoxins and bacterial lipopolysaccharides on chicken hepatocyte – Kupffer cell co-cultures (2016)


Research Faculty

(Ministry of Human Capacities)

Gastrointestinal tissue explant culture: modelling the gut mucosal membrane of chicken (2016)