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Research Research teams Preclinical drug development Group

Preclinical drug development Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Erzsébet Pásztiné Gere PharmD, PhD

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Associate research fellow: Dr. Erzsébet Pásztiné Gere, Dr. Orsolya Farkas

PhD students: Dr. Réka Fanni Barna, Judit Mercédesz Pomothy

Assistant: Kata Balogh Hegedűsné



Pharmaceutical sciences, Drug development, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Toxicology, Prevention of oxidative stress and inflammation, Screening of novel drug candidates, Preformulation and formulation technology, 3D cell culturing, Spheroid application in pharmacology



Hungarian Society for Microbiology



Research Centre for Natural Sciences of HAS, Budapest, Hungary

Analkrom Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

Agro-Environmental Research Institute, National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, Budapest, Hungary

Philipps University Marburg, Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Marburg, Germany



investigation of intestinal barrier integrity and risk factors involved in intestinal inflammation

estimation of the effects of new drug candidates and their gastrointestinal and hepatic side effects

determination of pharmacological profile of matriptase inhibitors on hepatic and enteral regulation

the elucidation of modulation of serine-protease activity in vitro, iron homeostasis regulation

spheroid application in metastatic potential prediction

screening of beneficial feed and plant nutrition supplements in preservation of gut health

in vitro paracellular permeability measurements of physiologically functioning or damaged intestinal monolayers


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National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary (NRDIO)

Mechanism-related teratogenic, hormonemodulant and other toxicological effects of veterinary and agricultural surfactants (2013-)



National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary (NRDIO)

Xenobiotics-induced intestinal damage in swine (2015-)