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Memorial tablet for János M. Mészáros unveiled in Mocsa

The memorial tablet for János M. Mészáros, DVM (1929-2009), senior lecturer of the Department of Pathology and Forensic Veterinary Medicine, awarded with a gold diploma and honorary citizenship of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, was unveiled in his native village, Mocsa, on the building housing the local history collection.

The idea was initiated by László Vámosi, leader of the Tata organization of Hungarian Numismatic Collectors’ Society, and was supported by the local government of Mocsa, the family and the Veterinary Science Library. The ceremony was opened by László Vámosi, then Judit Bertalan Czunyi, government representative of Komárom-EsztergomCounty, József Michl, Mayor of Tata and Ferenc Marschall, Mayor of Mocsa greeted the guests. Professor Ferenc Vetési, DVM remembered János M. Mészáros on behalf of the university, and finally doctor Tamás Süle, representative of the HNCS, former department head of the Baranya County Hospital unveiled the memorial tablet. The local government organized a reception in honour of doctor Mészáros.

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