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The future of the veterinary research centres

Although, every rational argument says that the country’s only veterinarian research centre should have to belong to the University of Veterinary Medicine, now the research centre is part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Sótonyi Péter, the rector of the University, highlighted the fact that the status of the research centres has to be reconsidered.


Dr Péter Sótonyi

Photo: Árpád Kurucz

In the last month, Hungarian government’s had a new budget proposal on the core of the financing of Hungarian science. If the current draft goes through, the majority of the support now comes from the newly established Ministry of Innovation and Technology, László Palkovics.

Sótonyi said that this change will help to find the right synergy between the two institutes in order to maintain the professional work. Despite the fact that the two institutes are bonded to each other, their financing is separate, which is a waste of human and finance resources.

Source: Magyar Idők newspaper