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Young students are still interested in natural sciences

Last week Hungarian students proved in Slovakia that natural science is still on the table: they won 4 medals at the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).

The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is an annual academic competition for high school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads.

Young students are still interested in natural sciences

Science and research offer a unique and unparalleled opportunity for young students to quench their thirst for answers and explore their intellectual strengths and abilities. Attracting young students to scientific research has also become a topic of growing importance from the point of view of science. In the OECD countries, many senior scientists have been deploring the decreasing numbers of students choosing a career in the natural sciences. They are becoming concerned about a potential bottleneck of scientists and engineers, which could hamper the growth of industries and technology. The issue of making science and research attractive to young people has sparked many a debate about the future of research and related technologies. Last, but not least, as science and technology have an increasing influence on individuals and societies, it is equally important for young people to understand better the problems and challenges they create. (Source: EMBO report, Péter Csermely)

To give young people a basic knowledge of science and potentially awaken their interest in a research career in the field of veterinary have become the mission of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. We believe that proper education can give the opportunity for the future veterinarians to achieve their personal goals and be a respectable part of the society.

In 2018 we had almost 900 applicants who wanted to learn at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, which shows the freshly graduated students are still interested in the field of natural sciences.

Congratulation to the winners and participants of the Olympiad.