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Filter Featured The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is prepared to assess the epidemic situation

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is prepared to assess the epidemic situation


Concerning the epidemic situation of the Coronavirus, prevention is extremely important. Therefore, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest puts emphasise on information giving and introducing adequate measures. Our institution regularly communicates with infectious diseases experts, continuously keeps posted about the recent epidemic situation, and holds meetings regarding the issue so that we can make the necessary and most satisfactory measures. For precaution, the University has developed a security protocol coinciding with the national and international practice of which the most important information is:

  • we have sent a general informative mail about the most important facts regarding the virus to our students and employees,
  • we have had our students and employees fill out a statement about their travels to the Far East and Chinese destinations in the previous weeks,
  • relating to those who visited China in the last 3 weeks, we measure their potential connection with a detailed query,
  • with the query, the University makes a risk analysis, until its assessment we ask the concerned parties not to attend the University, and has seen the result of the risk analysis the University makes further measures if necessary,
  • coinciding with the national and international protocol, those students and employees who are coming from the most involved territories with the epidemic (regardless of nationality, but coming or coming back from China in the last months) and thus potentially threatened were informed and asked not to attend the University in the following two weeks,
  • frequent and thorough washing of hands is the most important way to protect against the virus, so we placed warning signs in public places all over the University
  • we replaced the normal liquid soaps with virucidal fluids with a higher disinfectant effect
  • we have also increased the number of daytime restroom cleanings that have been extended to disinfect door handles, doorknobs, elevators and all other areas that are actively used by our students and staff members
  • besides, there is disinfectant (hand sanitizers) liquid at frequently visited spots at the University
  • we recommend and ask anyone who feels any infection-related symptoms to stay at home as long as it is needed since any virus is much more dangerous to a weakened immune system and this way we can reduce the risk of spreading viruses
  • we believe, it is also important that students from the potential risk group do not feel isolated or discrimination, therefore the University’s Mental Health Advisor holds special sessions


The following pages provide more information about the coronavirus, the above-mentioned statements, questionnaire and related actions are also available here: