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III. International Job Fair was held at the university

The III. International Job Fair of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest was held on 13th February 2020. The success of the event is shown by the growing number of interested students and participating companies, organizations: 20 Hungarian and 8 international exhibitors visited our university this year to introduce their work, talk about their current job offers and meet our students in person.

Exhibitors arrived from Germany, England, France, Ireland, Austria and Hungary, had the opportunity to make presentations for our audience, in addition to face-to-face conversations. During the 20-minute presentations, besides their professional work, more and more companies considered it important to talk about their efforts to increase the well-being of their colleagues.

Besides the presentations and face-to-face conversations, the Job Fair was not just about building relationships with exhibitors. Workshops were held in Hungarian and English languages, each focusing on a topic to facilitate a successful entry into the labour market. In the form of interactive teamwork, the aspects of writing a good cover letter and CV were discussed, and then volunteers could attend an interview simulation. The workshop about workplace bullying and mobbing gave several tips and tricks to overcome these kinds of challenges. Participants who attended the workshop ’ 5+1 Secrets To Nailing Your Elevator Pitch’ had the chance to put together their very own Elevator Pitch by the end of the workshop.

Based on the feedback from the exhibitors, more and more students are looking forward to the UNIVET Job Fair every year, and not only graduates but also 3rd, 4th-year students are eager to find out about their future opportunities. In line with this, companies are offering internships and summer jobs to the benefit of the younger generation. It also turned out that students are becoming more courageous and purposeful in contacting exhibitors and express their future plans.


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