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Anatomy lecture with live horses

I want to go back to the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest! – commented an international alumni member when she saw a picture of the first anatomy lecture of the freshers in social media. Freshers did not move from their chairs, although due to the pandemic situation, the class was held in the great hall on 14th of September by Péter Sótonyi professor, rector of the university.

Anatomy is taught in three semesters by the Department of Anatomy and Histology. The curriculum mainly covers the four most important domestic mammal species (equine, ruminants, carnivores, and swine), and discusses domestic birds as well. Anatomy knowledge presupposes an understanding of the formation of anatomical structures, the lectures include the evolutionary theory of organs.

The first lecture was the introduction of anatomy. Students were introduced to Latin names (they need to learn more than four thousand), bodyparts, planes and directions. It is a tradition for the professor to use the help of well-trained horses from the Standby Police for this presentation. This is what happened now. Impressions gained through the participation of these “four-legged demonstrators” will be a great memory for students till their fourth year, when they will begin their clinical practices and become active members in the process of healing.


Photos by Gusztáv Balázs: