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Filter Featured VetaThon – exciting intellectual competition organized by UVMB and Óbuda University

VetaThon – exciting intellectual competition organized by UVMB and Óbuda University

What is this about?

You are invited to an exciting intellectual competition, where we are looking for creative and feasible solutions for real burning problems in the world.

The competition will be in the form of a Hackaton. If you are not familiar with the term, this is a marathon (e.g. 24 hours) competition, where teams of 4-6 are working to solve the given challenge and create a demonstration of the solution with the available means.

Eligible teams consist of a minimum of 2-2 students (out of a maximum of 6) from the Veterinary University and Óbuda University. At least one Veterinary student has to come from the third year or above. One student per team can come from a third university. (Hence the name: VETerinarymarATHON.)

Why should I participate?

A hackathon is excellent to test your creativity, to develop your team-working skills, to broaden your horizon and it has even happened that a Hackaton team became a founder of a startup based on their solution. The benefits to get to know students from a very different university, experts from industry, to broaden your network are not negligible factors at all from the point of view to develop your social life and career.

What is the topic of the challenge? 

The subtitle of our hackathon is “Animals and the pandemic”. Any solution is welcome that relates on one hand to the easing of the health, economic and social problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and on the other hand, it is connected in some way to pets, livestock farming, or food industry. Our goal is that by connecting veterinary and engineering disciplines this ideation marathon will deliver new approach solutions – even beyond the pandemic – that can be utilized in a real environment. The solutions are expected to use knowledge from both fields, in the case of engineering especially Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and/or the creative utilization of sensors.

How is the competition organized? 

This will be an online competition and depending on the actual state of the pandemic we will consider the hybrid version (maximum 6 people on a single site). The organizers will take care of the catering, sufficient amount of pizza and soft drinks will be delivered.

The teams will work separately but during the entire competition experienced mentors will be available to help with veterinary, engineering, and business issues.

At the end of the hackathon, each team has to present its solution in English for all the participants and the jury. The decision about the final ranking will be decided by a jury consisting of well-known experts from academia and industry, taking into consideration the opinion of the mentors.

Will there be prizes? 

The three front runner teams will receive exciting in-kind prizes approximately in the value of 300-200-100 thousand Forints per person.

How can I apply?

There will be an online application site for the competition that is scheduled for February 26-27. Here you can apply individually or even as a team, provided that you take into consideration the team forming rules. You will receive further information about the application process.