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17th issue of the Univet newspaper has been published

In the first issue of 2021, you can read about the most important news of the University. We report about the equine CT scanner which was inaugurated in the Üllő campus on 22 February. Purchased for 280 million HUF, the cutting-edge, high-resolution diagnostic instrument was inaugurated by Minister of Innovation and Technology Dr László Palkovics, UVMB’s rector Prof. Dr Péter Sótonyi and Head of the Equine Medicine Department and Clinic Prof. Gábor Bodó.

„This is a special event in Hungary’s equestrian life that we can inaugurate this standing equine CT scanner, thanks to the Excellence Programme” – said Dr Péter Sótonyi.

In the portrait session, you can read an interview with Prof. Dr József Rátky, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Food Animal Medicine Clinic, who dedicated his veterinary career early on to reproductive biology, more specifically, the research of pig reproduction.

„The best way to save a breed is to focus on its utilization. The Hungarian grey cattle was replaced by tractors. How can we utilize it now? In its pure-bred form, it cannot hold its own as a beef cattle. It can only have a delicious meet if you fatten up the steer/ox at the end. However, if the cow is fertilized with the sperm of a modern beef cattle, the F1 final product yields world-class quality.”

Third-year biology student Zoltán Kánya is a highly competitive person who is obsessed with spiders. Zoltán is the head of the biology student committee of the Student Council in order to try to forge a more tight-knit community at the University.

Our veterinarian ballerina on ice, Stephanie Walmsley came to Budapest from Canada to continue her studies.

„It is obvious that I love animals but another passion for me is teaching. I think most of the issues that come up with humans and their pets is based on a lack of education. As a veterinarian, it is our responsibility to educate people on how to care for their pets.”

Grab our newspaper from the usual places of the university or read the online version.