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Read the summer issue of Univet magazine

The recently published summer issue of Univet, the magazine of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, reports on the 35th National Scientific Student Conference and its results, where the Agricultural Science section was hosted by the university for the third time. We also report on recent conferences which were held on the István street campus, on the topic of relationship culture and demography at the end of May and the beginning of June about animal protection. The 24th Graz Conference and SOFTVETS project was held online, of which the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest has been a pillar member since 2016, our colleagues take part as lecturers, moderators or participants in roundtable discussions and workshops.

The newspaper summarizes the first gatherings held after the restrictions due to the pandemic, the Heroes’ Day commemoration, which is an important event in May each year and the 3rd UNIVET Carriage Driving and Cooking Competition, illustrated with pictures.

In the portrait section of Univet, you can read an interview with Dr Bence Rácz, associate professor of the Anatomy and Histology Department.

„Having achieved certain results, researchers often tend to spend far less time in the laboratory. Instead, they write articles, applications and presentations in their rooms. I regularly use the electron microscope, the microscope laboratory and I keep collecting data because if I ever stopped these activities, I would miss them. I also need them for teaching.”

Our fifth-year student Ivett Hrutka is a chief organizer of the veterinary medicine competition announced for high school students.

„Many people think we play with puppies all day, but the veterinary profession has many areas, from food animal medicine to food hygiene and administration, that must be explained to the young people so that they don’t only understand what they committed to when they walk around with their course books in their hands.”

The subject of our regular interview with a foreign student is Joseph Oscar Ullomi from the exotic Tanzania, who was awarded the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship and is on his way to fulfil his dream and become a veterinarian.

You can find the Univet magazine in the usual places of the university and the online version on our website.