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Events 24. EDUCATIO International Education Expo

24. EDUCATIO International Education Expo

University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is attending the EDUCATIO International Education Exhibition, Hungary’s largest education expo, in 2023. Meet our animal ambassadors, Torta the bunny, Lola and Ropi dogs and the star of last year’s event, Marzipan the mini horse.

The aim of founding the EDUCATIO International Education Exhibition was to answer all the questions regarding higher education. Its goal is to connect each and every participant of education (i.e. national and international institutions of higher education, coursebook publishers, language schools, and vocational training centres) with people who are interested in it (i.e., students, teachers, and parents).

For those who are interested in a profession, the exhibition offers a safe base both by providing personalized opportunities as well as language learning options and methods even abroad. Besides those interested in further education, the event also presents a great one and only opportunity for instructors, heads of institutions, and other exhibitors of the profession, since everyone learns about the professional innovations and new methods at one stage. Visitors may inform themselves about the future of Hungarian higher education by listening to presentations, as well as discuss their various ideas with representatives of the exhibitors in order to find a common solution.

Date: January 11-13, 2024

Location: Stand HF02 – HungEXPO A, H-1101 Budapest, Albertirsai str. 10.

Visit the stand of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, where you can get answers to all of your questions from our colleagues and students.