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Program benefits

Becoming an Alumni Ambassador benefits you!



As an Alumni Ambassador you will                                                                                              

  • become a member of an elite group of Alumni Ambassadors, who represent UVMB on a global platform in their own countries.
  • expand your professional and social network (by collaborating with other Alumni and University staff)
  • become involved in professional and academic networks, benefitting your career
  • gather new skills on trainings free of charge
  • boost your CV with volunteer works (e.g.: being a guest speaker, exhibitor, doing mentoring, and networking).
  • reconnect with your Alma Mater, reunite with former fellows and evoke university memories, intensify old friendships
  • have the chance to meet future talented vets, who might become your future employees
  • receive special recognition at events, on dedicated Alumni Ambassador Page and in UVMB newsletters
  • receive Alumni Ambassador Certification, be nominated for UVMB Alumni Award, be gifted with UVMB items, receive honorarium