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Dear Graduates, dear Veterinarian Colleagues,
Alumni of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest,


You may have left the Alma Mater, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest a few months or a few years ago, and hopefully the difficulties of your studies have faded away, while the more cheerful memories of the experiences and programmes you had together with us in Budapest, the friendships made here are livelier than ever.

It is important for the university to maintain relations with you.

The success of your career may provide us with important feedback on the basis of which we can improve the content and methods of teaching. We are looking forward to hear about you, to receive suggestions from you, and your opinions formed in the light of your practice.

Meanwhile, we would like to inform you about the news and events of the University and invite you for our celebrations, and maybe ask you for data related to your career. It is always a pleasure for us to meet our alumni.

You can follow the events, find staff members of the University at the following websites:

From time to time you will also receive e-mail newsletters or invitations.

Remember: you may always count on your old teachers, your fellows, and the veterinary school, and we do count on you!

If you want to register for the alumni association to receive news directly, if you have a question, or want to make some contribution
please contact our alumni officer:
e-mail: [Click to see email]