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ALUMNI Alumni Members

Alumni Members

Dear Alumni Member,

This page was created with the primary goal of finding all the members of our Alumni community and act as a mediator to help them to reconnect with each other. We hope that we can be of service for you to renew your former friendships as well as to boost and intensify your professional cooperation.

Please join our Online Alumni Community. The community’s page will soon allow you to find your former Hungarian and international fellow students, and to send them a message even if you don’t know their e-mail address.

Browsing this site, you can read about our famous Alumni Members as well as get an insight into the work and achievements of our ancestors and acclaimed colleagues. If you click on the Alumni interviews & stories menu option, you can read about vets who have gladly shared their professional and public success and the story of their life after the 5 years they spent at the University.

Be a part of Univet’s life again!