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ALUMNI Alumni Members Alumni interviews & stories

Alumni interviews & stories

The Alumni interviews & stories page features interesting interviews and accounts by our Alumni Members.

Many of our former students work for the University of Veterinary Medicine today. With their commitment to the profession and their outstanding performance, they significantly contribute to increasing the quality of our education programmes and help the operation of the University. You can read their personal stories by clicking on the names of our Alumni members.

The Alumni Office is glad to make interviews with all of our former students who would like to share their success story with the members of the community. We are more than happy to report our members’ excellent achievements in the areas of culture and sport as well as their professional advancement.

Please contact us at [Click to see email] if you would like to tell us how your professional career advanced after your studies!



Our goal is to launch the University’s new golden age – Interview with Dr Péter Sótonyi, the rector of the University

Dr Tibor Bartha, the vice-rector for international affairs: We will adapt to the Z generation

Food Gives Life – Interview with dr Miklós Süth, senior advisor to the rector

Rejection of lexical information may lead to many new discoveries – Interview with Research Professor Tamás Horváth DVM, PhD

Dr Ákos Jerzsele: We need to focus on using drugs that are sustainable in the long run

Chasing ticks from caves to the sky – Interview with Dr Sándor Hornok, the head of the Department of Parasitology and Zoology

We need three large blackboards – Conversation with Director for Education dr Gábor Mátis

Dr Schwahofer Anna: “Doc, you’re a woman, you can’t do this!” and Livestock care behind the scenes

Dr Dániel Pleva: Options beyond the operating table

Dr Mark Hedberg: Life before and after a clinical practice

Dr Alexandra Ruff: Got some free time? Organize events!

It was Me Who Chose Anatomy but it was Luck Who Gave Me the Ostrich – An interview with veterinarian dr Milan Kondor