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ALUMNI Alumni Donations

Alumni Donations

There are several noble causes you can support!

If you would like to offer donations to help the operation and work of the University of Veterinary Medicine, please consider the following initiatives and events:

Statue park – Dog breeds originating in Hungary
  • Talent management
  • Operation of the Student Research Societies
  • Support for financially underprivileged students
  • Fundraising for statues at campus park
  • Renovation of our protected heritage fence
  • Graduation banquet
  • Prom for first-year students
  • Summer prep school organized for high-school students
  • Job fair


Name of the foundation: EQUUSVET Hallgatói Kulturális és Szociális Alapítvány (EQUUSVET Student Cultural and Social Foundation)

Bank account number: OTP Bank 11707024-20437925

Tax number: 181787742-1-42

Comment section: please indicate which initiative you wish to support

We highly appreciate your donation and we thank you very much in advance!