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Special Prize of the UNIVET Community


The winner of the Special Prize of the UNIVET Community was voted by all of our students.


The prize: Bence Mate – The Exhibition album

A huge size album, made with an extremely high-level printing process, representing Bence Máté’s highly successful open-air wildlife photography exhibition. It contains each photo and caption of the exhibition in Hungarian and English languages.

Bence Máté is the most effective wildlife photographer in the history of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year contest, and he is the only participant who has won the first prize in both the young and adult categories. Also, he leads every ranking of the competition. He is best known to the public from the 3-part series of Spectrum TV channel as ‘The Invisible Bird Photographer’. Apart from his numerous achievements, he has designed special and widely popular hides, equipped with one-way glass windows, which have gained him an international reputation.

As a freelancer, he has designed and built hides all over the world; however, his main inspiration is the Kiskunsag National Park, home of the largest bird population in Hungary.


The Invisible Wildlife Photographer (English, Hungarian)

The Handbook of Bird Photography (M. Varesvuo, J. Peltomäki, B. Máté; English, German, Finnish, French, Chinese)

The Exhibition (English, Hungarian)