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ALUMNI Join the Online Alumni Community of Univet!

Join the Online Alumni Community of Univet!

Our Alumni Office offers Univet graduates various services to help them reconnect with their former fellow students both as friends and professionals as well as to intensify their existing relationships.

We encourage you to become allies of your former Alma Mater and join the Online Alumni Community so that you could take part in its diverse and wide-ranging cultural and professional events.

Organized multiple times a year, our Alumni reunions allow former Univet students to meet up again, relive their common memories and share the unforgettable moments and milestones of their professional careers.

The Alumni Forums enable Alumni members to initiate discussions on veterinary issues, publish research results or share their professional experience with a wider audience. Of course, there will be other forums set up for conducting more personal and free discussions or reconnecting with others as well.

If you were unable to attend the reunion of your class, please click on the Alumni interviews & stories menu option where you can read our posts on your former fellow students and you can share your own career story with us, too.

Our monthly Alumni Newsletter will keep you informed of Univet’s latest news and events, our conferences, graduate training programmes, Alumni reunions and Univet’s life in general.

With the help of our partners, our Career Office publishes several Hungarian and international job opportunities for graduates. Visit our website and browse through the current job offers! If you are looking for an intern or junior veterinarian, please contact us at [Click to see email].

Our Alumni Card gives you access to several university services free of charge or at a substantial discount. Thanks to our partners’ offers, you can book accommodation and participate in cultural and/or recreational programmes in Budapest at a discounted rate. Our partner list is constantly updated.

If you’d like to be actively involved in the life of our University, you can do volunteer work as Alumni. Such volunteer work includes contribution to Univet’s events, either as an invited presenter or a colleague involved in the operative activities. We are also planning to soon launch our Alumni Mentor Programme, through which you can help our current students.

You can also assist the activities of our university in terms of research, development, talent management or various extracurricular events by offering your Alumni donations to our Foundation.

Please register here for the available Alumni services!