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Education For prospective students Application and admission requirements

Application and admission requirements

Students who wish to apply to the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship need to apply through between December and January each year.  

For further details regarding the scholarship please contact the [Click to see email] email address.


General Requirements

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest seeks students with appropriate academic qualifications, good command of English, and strong motivation to study and practice veterinary medicine. There is an entrance examination that students need to pass in order to be admitted. The entrance examination aims to test (in oral and written form, online or personal) competency in the English language, also in relation to the academic subjects, which are Biology and Chemistry.


Application Requirements

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from 1st January until 30th June (in cases of vacancies later). Documents need to be uploaded to  with the help of your local representative (for the list of representatives please click here) or in case you do not have one, directly by the applicant.

Applications are considered to be complete only if the following two criteria are fulfilled:

  • Application form completed and documents are uploaded
  • Application fee (EUR 200) is paid either to the local representative or through the online application system.


Application Documents to Submit

(All documents need to be uploaded in English or in an authorized English translation).

Secondary School Leaving Certification from an accredited secondary school. The school leaving certificate is a necessary prerequisite for starting studies. Those who are in the last year of their secondary school studies when applying can also apply but only with the obligation to present their certifications before enrolment.

Curriculum Vitae in English

Medical Certificate – Certification of physical and mental capability of the applicant issued by a general practitioner. You can find the sample of the certificate HERE.

Copy of Passport / ID with your personal data.

Letters of Recommendation are welcome. Letters in English from secondary school principal or science instructors are preferred. Particularly valuable are letters of recommendation from graduates of our university.

Short motivation letter – a few words about why you wish to become a veterinarian and what motivates you to study in Hungary.

+ 1 Transcript of records – only for applicants with relevant preliminary studies, for example: French BCPST program, academic background in natural sciences, etc. (“transfer students” – see below)


All application documents should be uploaded either through the local representative of the applicant or by the applicants themselves to the  website.


Entrance Examination

After the University reviews the submitted application documents, it determines whether the applicant appears to be qualified to take the entrance exam or not. After acceptance of the application, the applicant chooses an entrance exam date (either through the local representative or by emailing to [Click to see email])

The examination will test competency in the English language in general and also in relation to the academic subjects, which are Biology and Chemistry.

Entrance exam structure

  • Written exam – simple choice questions (50%):
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • General English and academic terminology
  • Oral interview (50%):
    • Motivation of the applicant
    • Discussion about the student’s academic background
    • Questions in Biology and Chemistry
    • All other topics that are relevant to form an informed decision

Examinations are arranged online between March and July. The place and exact dates of the examinations are available on our website. Further rounds of entrance examinations will be organized in August depending on the number of vacancies.

Exam registrations are only considered to be official if the EUR 250 exam fee is paid directly through


The applicants must reach at least 50% of the written exam in order to take part in the oral exam (at least 30% Biology, 30% Chemistry, 50% English and the average of the Biology and Chemistry exams should not be less than 50%). The evaluation of the Entrance Examinations – both written and oral – will be made by the Admission Board on the spot of the competitive entrance exam or within 10 days. Decisions about transfer applications are made on a rolling basis throughout the application period. Once admitted, the Students’ Secretariat will provide you with all the necessary documents for the student visa and loan application in your home country. The admission is valid only to begin studies in the academic year you applied for.

Exemptions from the entrance examination

In addition to transfers from other universities exemptions the basic study section of French veterinary schools (“Classe Preparatoire BCPST”) entitles the applicant to be accepted without an entrance examination.


Transfer from other Universities

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, as a member of the international academic community, recognizes studies at other accredited Universities from any part of the world particularly if these included natural sciences. Accordingly, applicants who have completed a section of the curriculum at another University in natural science might be admitted upon the study of the submitted material (transcripts and references) without an entrance examination! (An online interview with a University professor is mandatory before final acceptance for all applicants.)

Subjects of previous studies identical or similar to those contained by our veterinary curriculum can be applied for acceptance. Preliminary evaluation is made also on the basis of submitted copies. However, original syllabi of your previous/ present studies indicating the content of the course, the number of classes and credits earned has to be sent by your school directly to the Student’s Secretariat in Budapest within 3 months. If a sufficient number of exemptions are approved, the time of studies can be shortened and – if prerequisites are met – a start in February may also be possible. Please note: prior to entering the 3rd year of the Budapest-curriculum all exams from the previous two years have to be passed! Courses you are exempted from will be marked as such on your record, i.e. without a grade or credit point.

Pre-Medical (PreVet) Preparatory Program

Our long standing partner the Pre-Medical Program of McDaniel College prepares students who require additional instructions or review in sciences and English language to take the entrance examinations. The course can be done in one or two semesters. In-class in Budapest or online.
It must be understood that completion of this program does not imply or secure admission to the degree program at the University of Veterinary Medicine, however, it greatly increases the successful passing of the entrance exam. For many years 85-90% of the students after finishing this program were able to successfully take the University entrance exams.

For more information, please visit or contact at [Click to see email] .