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Fees and costs


Applicants and first-year students should make any bank transfers to the following account of the recruitment service provider of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest:

Account name: Global International Studies AG.

Account (IBAN) Number EUR: HU34-10300002-10686937-48820011

Bank Name: MKB Bank

Bank Address: H-1056 Vaci u. 38. Budapest, Hungary

Swift code: MKKBHUHB


  • for new admissions for the Academic Year 2022/23: EUR 12,480


  • Application fee EUR 200 (non-refundable) – to be paid when submitting your application
  • Entrance examination fee: EUR 250 (non-refundable) – to be paid when applying to an entrance exam

The Application fee and Entrance examination fee are to be paid after submitting your application documents through the website.

It is payable to the local representative in your country or bank transfer or through the online system.


  • When admitted a deposit of EUR 800 should be paid in order to ensure your place within three weeks or by the date written on the Acceptance Letter. (failing to send the required deposit before the deadline will result in downgrading your acceptance to the waiting list).
  • Before 20th August 2021. 1st term tuition fee should be completed to a total of EUR 7,700 (The 1st semester tuition fee includes the deposit, so the students should transfer EUR 6,900 more until the deadline.)
  • Registration fee EUR 220 – should be paid together with the 1st semester tuition fee
  • Second-semester tuition is payable in January 2023: EUR 4,780


  • Personal checks and money orders are not accepted.
  • Please note that the above mentioned net amounts have to arrive at the account — the commission charges have to be paid by the student.
  • The cost applies to those who begin their studies in the academic year 2022/23.
  • Tuition fees will not change throughout their studies unless interrupted for more than a year.
  • Returning to the studies after a longer period, the tuition fee valid for the actual semester has to be paid.

Refund Policy

I. Prior to Registration at the university


  • application fee EUR 200
  • entrance examination fee EUR 250
  • tuition deposit EUR 800


  • 100% of all other payments already made

II. After Registration at the university

  1. Students are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fee if they are compelled to withdraw for academic or disciplinary reasons or if the semester is interrupted after 30 September and 28 February, respectively.
  2. Students are only entitled to a refund on a pro-rata basis (months started) if studies are interrupted.
  3. Students are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fee for the 11th (practical) semester regarding the extra payments for the Hungarian placements (that is payable in addition to the basic fee) not even within the refund period (i.e. before 30 September and 28 February, respectively the fall- and spring semester.)

The refund is applicable with the following conditions:


  • application fee EUR 200
  • entrance examination fee EUR 250
  • tuition deposit EUR 800
  • registration fee EUR 220


  • Proportional costs are refundable according to the refund policy stated above.

Claims for a refund must be submitted no later than two weeks after withdrawal. No other claims are acceptable.