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Application deadline for the 2022 September intake: 30 June 2022.

You can start your application here.



UVMB tries to address all new circumstances that occur due to the pandemic. The application process has become (even) more flexible to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible for all international students.

The Hungarian authorities have confirmed that international students’ travels to Hungary in September 2022 will be facilitated and handled with extra care to help international students who are coming/returning to Hungary to start/continue their studies in the Hungarian higher education system.

You can find a guide to fill out the leniency request that is required for non-EU citizens to enter Hungary here and help with filling out the form here

Those application documents that are difficult to obtain in these few months will have an alternative that makes it easier to apply:

  • medical report: for those who cannot get an official medical report from their doctor, it is possible to upload a self-declaration in which the applicant states that according to her/his best knowledge s/he does not suffer from any medical condition that would prevent her/him from starting studies in 2022 September at the veterinary program in Hungary
  • high school leaving certificate: for those who cannot get an official high school leaving certificate, it is possible to upload a certificate that states that the student has finished high school studies and is eligible to enter university. Such documents can be obtained from the high school of the student. The final certificate can be sent/uploaded when the applicant gets it.

All specific cases will be addressed individually with the utmost flexibility.

The education continues (as it has in the past 235 years).

Last year at the end of the spring semester, students studied through distance learning methods. Thanks to our already existing technical tools, switching to distance learning has not been a huge challenge. Students’ feedback seems to confirm that the online methods we used at time worked well (in some instances even better) for their studies. During this 1.5 months, approximately 3 100 new digital study materials have been created and students have viewed them approximately 67 500 times.

In September 2022 the new academic year will definitely start in its regular time and regular form as the Hungarian epidemiological situation allows it. We will implement a so-called hybrid teaching model in which those students who are able to get to Budapest in the beginning of September 2022 will start the semester in its usual form and for those who face challenges (flights or visa issues) in regard of a regular start of the academic year, all classes will be available online so that they can follow the courses even from the distance. The University considers it its top priority to take care of the safety of its students and staff, therefore in the unlikely case of an unsatisfying pandemic situation, the academic year will continue online. The education overall is NOT online, the possibility is there only for the time of the pandemic. We will switch back to normal teaching as soon as the safety hazards diminish.

Regarding the current coronavirus situation in Hungary, we have a low incidence compared to most European countries and worldwide. Our University takes and abides by all measures recommended by international health organizations and the Government of Hungary. In Hungary, the flattening of the pandemic curve is successful due to the timely measures that have been taken. As the basic Hungarian healthcare system is traditionally good and has a large capacity, people can expect appropriate and well-equipped medical attendance.

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A short video of how our university faced the COVID-19 challenge in the spring of 2020 is available here: