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Education Courses Reproduction & Biotechnology 3.

Reproduction & Biotechnology 3.

Method of evaluation
practical grade + semi-final examination
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veterinary (English)
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Course description

Reproductive physiology of the males – Andrology
The lectures focus on development and functional anatomy of the male reproductive system, endocrine control of the male reproduction, exocrine and endocrine function of the testis, thermoregulation of the testicles, physiology of the epididymis and accessory male organs, spermiogenesis, breeding soundness evaluation (fertility evaluation), artificial insemination (overview of the techniques used in different species).
Reproductive biotechnology in females – assisted reproductive techniques (ART)
This chapter is introducing the embryo transfer (ET) as basic technique of reproductive biotechnology including its history and development. After dealing with its use in animal breeding and in prevention of transmission of infectious diseases, the subject demonstrates the drugs, media and instruments used in superovulation, embryo recovery, cryopreservation and transfer of embryos. This part is followed by the “second generation” procedures like in vitro production of embryos, cloning and gene modification of animals, with their practical use, possibilities and limitations. Finally introduces the ways of prenatal diagnosis or determination of the sex of the neonates.
Lecturers: Prof.Dr.Sándor Cseh, Prof.Dr. László Solti, Dr. Linda Müller, Dr. Bence Somoskői
Contact person: Dr. Mónika Bacsa email: [Click to see email]

Lectures theme


Practical lessons theme


Evaluation description

At the end of the three semesters students have to take a written exam on all materials taught during the 3 semesters of the subject. Beside the written exam, a practical exam has to be taken on small animal reproduction and obstetrics. For the practical part it is needed to know the relevant theoretical aspects and the topics of the practicals. Students get the list of the topics at the beginning of the 3rd semester and it is on the website too.

Exam information

At the end of the 3rd semeseter the grade consists of two parts. One part is the grade of the practical exam and the other part is the grade of the written exam. The mean of these grades gives the final grade.
Scores for the written exam:
≤ 59 %: unsatisfactory (1);
60 to 69 %: satisfactory (2);
70 to 79 %: fair (3);
80 to 89 %: good (4);
≥ 90 %: excellent (5)
Syllabus of practical exam on small animal obstetrics