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Education Courses Small Animal Medicine II

Small Animal Medicine II

45x45 min
Practical lessons
45x45 min
veterinary (English)
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General information and requirements for Small Animal Medicine II
2020/2021 fall semester


General information and lecture notes can be downloaded from the website of the University:; select the course; then click on “Documents” on the right side of the page. Password: your own Neptun code and password


Preliminary requirements: Small Animal Medicine I

Credit: 4

Number of lectures: 45×45 min

Number of practicals: 45×45 min



The program of the lectures can be found at the University website and it will be sent to the contact student at the beginning of the semester. Lecture topics will cover the followings: Internal Medicine and Surgery of the respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system; surgery of hernias.Each lecture can be downloaded from the website. In case of entire on-line education, lectures will be held at the scheduled time and streamed for students real time.

Lecture halls: Henrik Hetzel Lecture Hall

Practical trainings/Labs:

Knowing the lecture material of the actual topic is necessary for the practical lessons. In normal circumstances a written test or oral presentation is a part of each practical lesson. Nevertheless, according to the COVID situation, this sort of entrance test may be cancelled. White coat, thermometer and stetoscope are obligatory for the practical lessons.

Attending the practical trainings is obligatory. Missing only acceptable in case of illness or official university activity (e.g.: clinical shift). Missed Internal Medicine practical work must be repeated during the last week of the semester after personal consultation. In case of missed practice of Surgery oral report is necessary with the responsible teacher after consultation. Verification of the missed practice is necessary. Temporary change of groups for the practical training is strictly unacceptable, and only permitted in case of illness proved by medical document. Students missing more than it is allowed by the Academic rules and regulation cannot have their black book signed for the semester.

In case of entire on-line education, teaching materials of practical trainings will be available for students during the semester.

Practical halls:

Internal Medicine: László Papp seminar room (Department of Internal Medicine, 1st floor) or Buildin M practical room. For further information please see the thematics.

Surgery: building B practical rooms

Practical topics are available on the website, and will be sent to the contact student at the beginning of the semester.

Grading of the semester will be based on:

Results of the 2 written test being held during the semester according to the previous topics of the course.